Breakout Sessions

Below is a list of tracks and a sampling of breakout sessions to be offered during Friday of the Art of Homemaking Conference. You are welcome to choose a track and follow each breakout session associated with that track or mix and match to your interest and availability. The uniqueness of this opportunity truly allows each attendee to customize their experience at the conference!

The Retreat Ministry of Barbara O’Chester

The Spirit Filled Life
In this dynamic breakout session we will look at biblical principles concerning the Holy Spirit and the believer. We will learn about the sweet presence of God and the power to live a life pleasing to the Lord, all because of the Holy Spirit within us.

The Joy of Submission
What do you think submission means? What does it look like in our everyday lives? Our culture says to be a successful, happy woman we are to take control. Come join us as we look at what God’s word says about biblical submission and how we can have joy in our relationships with others, in our marriage, and ultimately in our walk with the Lord as we walk in submission to Him.

The Act of Marriage
Sex was God’s idea and His design for it is good! In this session we will talk about God’s plan and purpose as well as potential problems with intimacy in marriage.

You and Your Child
The relationship be parent and child is critical through all ages from birth to adulthood. This sessions will give principles, tips, and encouragement for building and growing a relationship with your child in every season.

* A Retreat Ministry alumni reunion reception will take place on Friday evening directly following the main plenary session.


Home and Family

Gluten-Free Entertaining
Preparing food for those with a sensitivity or allergy to gluten shouldn’t be daunting. Learn what gluten is, what foods have it, and which ones don’t. Whether you’re hosting an elaborate dinner, a casual luncheon, a hearty brunch, or an elegant afternoon tea, this class will give tips, techniques, and a few recipes for entertaining gluten-free.

Hospitality with a Purpose: How to Really Do It
God has equipped us and placed us in situations to share HIS love through hospitality in every aspect of Life.  Come be reminded of how God can use you in mighty ways through practical and intentional hospitality.

Tea 101
Although white tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea all come from the same plant, they require different preparation methods. Learn how to properly steep, serve, and appreciate the different tea types, whether hot or iced. We will taste teas and discuss the basics of pairing them with food.

The Heart of the Christian Hostess
This breakout session provides an analysis of the character and skill of the Christian Hostess.  We will begin with the word HOSTESS, expand our biblical foundation, and then add some practical tips so that we are “doers of the word and not simply hearers” (James 1:22-25).

Astounding Rewards of Family Mealtime
Do you want to rear smarter children? Have well-adjusted teenagers? Establish good eating habits and fight obesity? Family mealtime can accomplish all this and so much more. And since dining together was important to Jesus Christ, time spent around our dinner table should be a priority. Come learn how to establish and maintain family mealtime in your own home.

Nurturing the Spiritual Growth of Children
One of God’s greatest blessings is children!! Children grow physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally, and spiritually! The faith of a child is a gift from God. We will discuss ways to help nurture children in their spiritual growth.

Stress-Free Family Celebrations
Birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas! While we can’t remove the work involved, our speaker can alleviate the stress—even the tension caused by a “challenging” extended family. Find out how she revolutionized her thinking, lowered her anxiety level, and learned to honor God in her family celebrations.

Hospitality as an Open Door to Mentorship
We often open our door to provide shelter, comfort, food and fellowship. But what if we went beyond the typical standard of hospitality and opened our door for something more intentional? There remains a generation of young women who long for the mentorship of older women. How do we fulfill their God-given longing? How do younger women pursue and how do older women respond?  What hinders the call to this reciprocal relationship? Join us in this workshop and let’s talk about how we, as hospitable women, can take joy in hospitality as an opportunity to live a Titus 2 life.

Purging, Cleaning, and Organizing
During this encouraging workshop our speaker will define clutter and give doable solutions of what to do with it.  She will provide ideas of how to organize your home and ways to train your children to clean, beginning when they are preschoolers.


Faith, Ministry, and Culture

Teaching the Bible for Life
Me, teach the Bible?” you may ask. Find out why the answer is ‘Yes, you!’ and how to teach the Bible for life.

Feminism’s Impact on Home and Family
From legalized same-sex marriage to blaming global warming on too many babies, cultural feminism has replaced biblical worldview with a completely different set of values. Now more than ever, our world needs to see the power of a God-centered woman who is submitted to His purpose and plan. And it all starts with peeling back the layers of deception and courageously embracing the truth.

The Believer’s Response to the Gender Identity Question
In our culture today, have you noticed the emergence of over 50 new categories of gender identity other than male and female? How are Christians to navigate the gender confusion and rebellion in our world? What do you do when a friend tells you she thinks she’s homosexual or transgender? Do you feel ready to face those situations? In this session, let’s talk about how to help minister to a woman who may be struggling with gender identity herself and how to equip ourselves to stand for truth in a gender confused world.

Pornography: It’s Not Just a Man’s Issue
Pornography is no longer just a “man’s issue.” The web of pornography extends far and wide. It affects countless numbers of women, yes, even Christians.  In this workshop we will take a look at how you can come alongside those in who are dealing with this sin so prevalent in our world today.

Christian Voices in the Political Arena
God has strategically placed you in one specific community that encompasses your city, state, and America as a whole.  As women, we hold a special role in that community. We are the teachers, organizers, caregivers, mothers, and grandmothers. We are the protectors of the next generation. During this session, we will not only discuss how we can effectively live a culture that is counter-Christian, but also how we can use our influence to make a difference to the glory of God.

Counseling Women in Crisis: Sorting It Through
When women are in crisis their situations, reactions, thoughts, and desires are a jumbled mess.  How can we sort through all of the mess in order to point women past their situations to their Savior? Join us as we look at biblical texts and practical counseling resources that will equip us to speak  God’s wisdom to women in these situations.

Tours of the Horner Homemaking House
We invite women to board the shuttle and join the staff of the Horner Homemaking House on a guided and interactive tour of the home.  Come and stroll through the rooms while they are decorated for fall, and learn how this teaching home on the campus of SWBTS is a hands-on opportunity for women to learn how to best manage and use their homes for family and ministry.  Along the way, women will learn about its legacy and ongoing ministries to gather, mentor, and equip women through the home. Also, women will be able to try their hand at monogramming a handkerchief and icing holiday cookies with a stop to sit and enjoy seasonal goodies and drinks while taking in the beautiful views from the wrap-around porch.  Handicap accessible.